OPEN SPACE - Murau - Zimmer - Cafe - Gasthof

Open Space Murau - Hotel - Lounge - Cafe - Bar - Restaurant

Shapes without compromises

The Open Space Café dashes towards the Mur like wide opened jaws. It seems to slide towards the water. Some building parts of the café bar annex of a traditional Murau restaurant with 13-century sections are elevated ten meters above and twelve meters over the Mur promenade.

The architects’ office Steinbacher Thierrichter selected shapes without compromise to solve this complex building task. A new hybrid technology is used, which is characterized by connecting the regionally very important material wood and steel. Combining these two materials, it was possible to make the new building addition seem to float above the Mur while being integrated in an old building, which is part of the old city walls or Murau.

The Open Space Cafe-Bar consists of a room - structured in various areas - from where one may visually experience the landscape and buildings through exactly designed window openings. The largest and most spectacular window is a mighty 7-meter wide portal that can be lowered entirely under the apparently floating structure.
The construction of the Open Space Cafe-Bar is an important revitalizing factor fort he old part of Murau – due to the remarkable change in old town housing facades and the new connection between market square and the Mur promenade.
Builders: Brigitte Moser und Thaddäus Egghardt
Architektur:Steinbacher Thierrichter ZT GmbH
The Open Space

2007 Open Space was awarded the Geramb Prize, an award for good building.
The "GERAMB DANKZEICHEN FÜR GUTES BAUEN" prize is an award for good building, initially presented in the year of archduke Johann 1959. It was named in memoriam of Univ.-Prof. Dr. Viktor Geramb, who for many years was the recognized president of the Styria preservation association „Heimatschutz in der Steiermark". In 1981, the year of the „village maintenance and preservation“ in Styria (International town forum Graz) the „Geramb-Rose“was presented once again. Since 2002, the association is called „Baukultur Steiermark” (building culture Styria).

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Special Packages

Special Packages
The Open Space in Murau provides special prices for tourists so that you can enjoy your residence receiving especially favourable package prices.

Open Space Highlights

Hunter-Table and Schnapsen

Traditional hunter table Schnapsen
Every 1st Monday of the month at Moser´s the traditional hunter table takes place, and once a week on Monday at 18 o'clock, we play cards (Schnapsen). We hope, you join the table!